Kids Tennis

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Why MUST I enrol my child in a tennis Lessons?

Research has shown that when a child start walking, they MUST first learn how to balance on their feet.

Once they have mastered the basic of balancing on their feet, they will have not problem learning how to balance on wheels.

Next step is to learn how to improve their motor skills which is their coordination.

If kids coordination are NOT properly trained, they WILL have difficulties relearning these skills in primary /elementary schools.

What better way to learn this coordination is through the sport of Tennis. 

So what is the idea Age for my child to learn Tennis?

According to most tennis coaches, the BEST age to learn how to cycle is when the child learns to walk properly.

The Best age to learn tennis is when the kids have learn to balance on their feet confidently, that is 4-5 year Old.

What will my Kids learn?

Coordinations Skills

Eye-Hand Coordination – throwing and catching

Hand-Legs Coordination-moving around the tennis coach picking up balls

Basic Fore hand

Under Hand Serve

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